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Student Reviews

Kushal V. Doshi - 30th November, 2015

Very Informative, Makes you think out of the box. The trainer is very passionate about the subject.

Ritu Kantawala - 30th November, 2015

The course was interesting, gave a lot of insights into various dreams with good expectations from our trainer Varun Sir. The course has given us a new way at looking at dreams and analysing them. Thank you it was a fulfilling experience.

Capt. Ajay Pandey - Chief Advisor CSR & Security, Africa - 27th November, 2015

Dreams always had been a mystery to me. A number of belief being shared by various people during the course of life made my dreams very complex.
The course on Dream Analysis had been an eye opener to understand the mystery in a very simple form. The techniques covered in the course align the thought process of the dream analyses to understand the dream of a dreamer.
An Excellent Course. Good comprehensive notes and support from Varun.
Looking forward to get opportunities of analysing dreams.

Aarti Kumbhar - Banker, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Graphologist, Numerologist and now a Dream Expert - 24th August, 2015

Very knowledgeable. The fear of dream has been gone. With the help of this we can analyse the actual meaning of the dream. It helps us to know how human psychology works.
Thanks to Varun Sir.

Jemini Haria - Astro Counselling, Tarot card reader, Counsellor - 24th August, 2015

Enjoyed the course very much. Of course Varun Sir makes every course very interesting & we feel like learning more & more from him. Dream Analysis has programmed my mind with strong and positive approach in the happenings of my life and others life. Enabled me to experience even the small moments of life can keep an image on your mind. Lot of thanks to Varun Sir & Globus Talent. Seeing forward to do many other courses with Globus Talent ahead.
Best of Luck!